Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

Hi there! Welcome to my page! I am a creative and passionate photographer with a love for capturing life's special moments. I received my education from Oklahoma State University, and it has been a journey of self-discovery and growth ever since.
I am a proud wife and a doting cat mom. In my free time, I enjoy watching hockey and exploring new places with my camera in hand. Photography has given me the opportunity to see the world in a unique way and to tell stories through my lens.

My approach to photography is a blend of candid and posed moments, capturing the essence of my subjects and preserving their memories for a lifetime. Whether it's capturing a couple's love story, the joy of a family gathering, or the beauty of the great outdoors, I am dedicated to delivering stunning images that you will treasure forever.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I look forward to capturing your special moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime."

Photography isn't about taking a picture and it becoming the past. It's about capturing a moment in time and being able to look back and relive the happiness, laughter, and love within each photo.  

I can't wait to book your next photo shoot!